How Do We Improve Clinician Engagement at NHS Trusts?

maxwell stanley initially embed our online solution and Case Note Review service within the Trust to demonstrate that data quality improvements and the subsequent financial and performance benefits are achievable with immediate effect.

This quality assurance process also identifies specific source documentation issues where the recording of patient activity is inaccurate or incomplete. This evidence enables maxwell stanley to commence the engagement process and initiate our Clinician Validation sessions; where Clinicians validate the inclusion of chronic co-morbidities that have not been recorded in their most recent episode of care but have been recorded during previous patient episodes.

maxwell stanley utilises the Trust’s own benchmarking system to analyse Trust performance metrics and identify data outliers against peers. This analysis allows maxwell stanley to facilitate the development of specific Clinical Engagement and Quality Assurance Triangles to include appropriate and relevant clinical, coding, informatics and service management representatives, often dependent upon specialty.

These Triangles, becoming BAU and Trust-owned, provide all attendees the opportunity to regularly validate the accuracy of Trust data that is being submitted externally, against their own understanding of the complexity of patients treated at the Trust and the integrated patient pathways.

maxwell stanley have provided the Trust with valuable insights around the levels of accuracy of our Trusts coded data and the impact that its quality has on both our performance profile and subsequent activity income. The maxwell stanley solution has enabled us to engage positively with our Clinicians and improve upon our performance data.

Director of Finance and Informatics, Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust

How We Support Our Current Clients

If you would like to read more about how we have supported an acute Trust improve Clinician Engagement to improve the accuracy of Trust income and performance metrics, there will be a case study available shortly.