Case Study Challenge

Independent Health Group (IHG) offer a community based surgical service for NHS patients referred through Choose and Book or from local acute trusts. Accurate invoicing to CCGs is imperative if they are to receive the correct financial reimbursement, so they commissioned maxwell stanley to clinically code all of their admitted activity and help them submit accurate data set information to the HSCIC.

Case Study Approach

Our team of directly employed, ACC qualified Clinical Coding Consultants was tasked with coding all of IHG admitted activity in advance of IHGs monthly invoicing and activity data set submission deadlines.

maxwell stanley subsequently provide IHG with the relevant HRG and associated tariffs for invoicing purpose and our PbR experts are in place to support them with any relevant CCG contract negotiation and/or management discussions.

IHG are able to rely on accurate results because of the high quality delivered by the maxwell stanley team. Clinical Coding Consultants receive on-going training and continual assessment to ensure they are efficient, accurate and motivated.

Our team of Clinical Coding Consultants benefit from career development, on-going training and continual assessment of coding quality and efficiency. Through our guarantee to code all activity within budget, we eliminate any recruitment and retention issues and the risk of staff absence.