maxwell stanley has been approved as a Data Recipient by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) under the Data Sharing Framework Contract.

Following a comprehensive review of our data security policies and procedures, the Data Sharing Framework Contract allows maxwell stanley to receive HSCIC data sets, enabling us to provide our clients with accurate and recent data analysis and benchmarking activities.

Approval under the Data Sharing Framework Contract also provides our clients with confidence that our data security policies and procedures are sufficiently robust to comply with the high standards held by the HSCIC.

The HSCIC is the national provider of health and social care information for commissioners and other healthcare professionals, sponsored by the Department of Health.  Since its creation in April 2013, a team of statistician, analyst and security specialists have been responsible for collecting and analysing national health and social care information.  They maintain a register of all information collected that is available to those approved on the Data Sharing Framework and provide guidelines and standards for the collection, storage and reporting of confidential information.