How Do We Reduce the Financial Deficit of NHS Trusts?

We support our clients with their financial recovery plans by focusing on improving the accuracy of Trust income. This is achieved through an improvement in the quality of Trust data to ensure the Trust is receiving correct financial reimbursement for activity undertaken each month.

NHS Trusts embed our maxwell stanley solution to facilitate a targeted review of clinical coding and source documentation. The solution identifies individual episodes with potential coding errors but also those with inaccurate recording of casemix where relevant and chronic medical history may not have been noted in the current admission.

Typically, the project is supported by our Case Note Review and Clinician Validation services, with our permanently employed, qualified Clinical Coding Auditors, reviewing the episodes identified, validating source documentation with Clinicians and demonstrating in-month coding quality improvements, prior to freeze.

Within a few months, we are able to provide the Trust with the necessary training to undertake the case note review service and clinician validation themselves, transferring the ownership of the Trust’s monthly clinical coding quality assurance process over to the internal Clinical Coding team.

Our Financial Deficit Reduction project has previously been approved by NHS-I as a method of supporting their financial recovery plan.

How We Support Our Current Clients

If you would like to read more about how we have worked on an NHS-I approved Deficit Reduction project to support an acute Trust reduce their financial deficit by over £4 million last year, please download our Case Study using the button in the right-hand column.

We currently support fifteen NHS Trusts across the UK with improving the accuracy of their data and, depending on the size of the Trust, the maxwell stanley solution generates an income improvement of £1 milllion to £4 million per annum.