Case Study Challenge

Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust (MEHT) were concerned they may be receiving incorrect financial reimbursement for activity undertaken at the Trust, possibly due to a combination of incomplete source documentation and inaccurate clinical coding. MEHT commissioned maxwell stanley to undertake a targeted review of admissions, identifying and correcting any inaccuracies prior to the final submission deadline.

Case Study Approach

Our team of qualified clinical coding auditors undertake a targeted monthly review of 200 case notes prior to each submission deadline, reviewing the accuracy of the clinical coding and amending any errors identified.

maxwell stanley also provide comprehensive monthly reports to MEHT following each review allowing them to track the improvement in quality, as well as  provide feedback to MEHT clinicians and the clinical coding team about where incomplete source documentation and clinical coding errors are causing problems.

Case Study Outcomes

  • Improved accuracy in clinical coding and HRG assignment
  • Improved PbR financial reimbursement
  • Quality assurance of clinical coding and adherence to local policies
  • Improved and more consistent quality of source documentation
  • Targeted feedback to individual clinical coders to support personal development